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Gay dating sites

We’ve selected dating sites that work

Are you looking for a real relationship, something based on mutual respect? Are you having trouble finding a partner who shares goals with you? Or are you just looking for Mr Right Now? Whatever it is you want, now’s the time to get it! Get into online dating, and join millions of others in fulfilling your desires from the comfort of home.

Ideas that online dating is a last-ditch measure or only for the desperate are outdated. Even 18-year-olds meet on aps these days! Online dating means dating that fits into your busy life, and the smorgasbord of dating sites out there means there’s bound to be one that’s perfect for you. And the best bit? We’ve done all the work for you. Look at our detailed guides to the best dating sites to find one that fits with your goals, and use our tips and tricks to sign up in minutes. Then the rest is up to you.

Victoria Milan
Victoria Milan
  • Victoria Milan is for married users
  • The site is extremely safe and private
  • It’s got a big user base
6 000 000+
preferred age range
Academic Singles
Academic Singles
  • Date educated singles
  • Perfect for serious dating
  • Local and international users
190 000+
preferred age range

How do we choose the best dating sites?

We are aware that it is difficult to choose where to date. We’ve looked at a long list of criteria to choose the best dating sites, and engaged in an in-depth process of testing (info below) to work out how sites compare to one another. We also regularly look at user reviews, and allow users to leave comments and reviews on our site too. We’re all in this together, determined to find the best dating site for everyone who’s out there looking for love!

How do we decide what to compare?

Wondering how we compare each dating site? Well, we put a lot of work in. We register for every site and test every stage of the process (well, we never get as far as arranging dates, catfishing, or marrying anyone!) and from there we pick out the features that were most useful on sites. We also notice the differences between sites to create points of comparison. Testing is fun for us and we believe it will be fun to read our suggestions and observations. And we’ve been on pretty much every site there is, so you can trust us when we tell you which are the best!

What are the most common differences between dating sites?

Every dating site has its unique quirks. Some are for serious dating, while others are for fun. Some are aimed at middle aged users, some at young people and a handful at older daters. Then, of course, they can be free, have a paid option, or be a totally paid for service. Luckily for you, we review them all here at Lovino! A few ways that dating sites differ include.

  • How you find other users (ads or search vs. match system)
  • Focus (flirt, serious acquaintance)
  • Features (chat, news, photo gallery, ratings)
  • Location of users - local UK or international
  • Paid or free
  • Mobile app, desktop site or both
  • Catering for LGBTQIA+ users
  • Socio-economic status
  • By age - for seniors, for young people etc.

What are online dating sites?

You may be wondering why you should start online dating. Basically, online dating means most of the work for you! Once you answer a few questions, you’ll get matches delivered who suit your needs, and be able to see users near you and online too. And if you’re wondering where to register, there's nothing easier than looking at one of our comparison charts or a couple of our reviews. There’s something out there for everyone online!

You should consider a number of criteria when choosing a site, such as what type of relationship you are looking for or what you expect from your future partner. In our comparisons, we clearly divide everything into individual categories, from age of users to gender ratio to niche categorisations like older dating, married dating or BBW dating (that means big beautiful women - don’t worry, we’ll also teach you the lingo)!

Are they free?

Good dating sites are mostly paid. But don't be discouraged, with paid VIP membership, you can be sure that you come across other users who are serious about dating and you also have the advantage of plenty of extra features. Sites usually offer monthly membership, as well as deals for new users. If you like, you can extend your membership to a few months to a year. Prices aren't massive, and certainly won't interfere with your monthly budget, and they vary from site to site. We will usually comment on a site’s value in our reviews. And anyway, who can put a price on finding love?

Is it common to pay for dating sites?

The short answer is yes.. A high percentage of people looking for relationships, friendship or flirtation pay for the privilege of online dating. Paid sites will cater to various niche interests, as well as keeping you safer online. It is, however, totally possible to use free sites for online dating, but they may not provide many of the features of the paid options. Plenty of people also use a mixture of sites to suit their dating needs - no two daters are the same, after all! Though hopefully everyone has a match out there to find...

What are the advantages and disadvantages of free dating sites?

If you don’t want to, or can’t afford to, spend money on your online dating life, then there are plenty of free sites or free versions of sites that are very usable. A totally free site is likely to have more time wasters, so you will have to be aware of that, and the free option on a site which also has a paid option is likely to be underwhelming either in terms of features or a maximum daily amount of interaction. That being said, it is possible to date without spending a penny. If you go down this route, though, remember to be wary of:

  • anonymous or fake profiles
  • non-serious users
  • low level of user interaction

What are the advantages and disadvantages of paid dating sites?

Paying for dating sites is a matter of contention. Some people find that they get everything they need from free sites, while others find limited messaging or searching services or high levels of spam really hold them back in their search for love. At the end of the day, it’s you decision to make, but paid dating is used by many more serious daters. Even fun dating apps have payment options these days! Some of the benefits of paying for full access to a good site include:

  • Comprehensive entry tests to ensure quality searches and users
  • Paying users have verified profiles, so the seriousness of interest is guaranteed
  • Multiple extra features (chat, alert settings, filters, search, match)

What are the usual features?

Every dating site has its own features, but usually they include informative profiles, pictures, some kind of messaging option and favourites lists. Many sites also match you with suitable users, and some have dating games or allow you to rate, friend and wink at other users. Dating sites can be anything from silly to serious, and some aim to find the one for you while others are just about having a flirt! It’s all about finding the right site, with the right features, and then creating a profile that reflects your personality and show the world what you want!

What are premium features?

Many dating sites offer premium features or VIP membership. On some sites, these added features are just the icing on the cake. On others, free use is just a tester and to get the benefits of the site you have to pay. Features could include anything from messaging privileges to extra matches or an ad free experience. Paid sites are often more trustworthy and easier to use, and have better customer service. Very niche sites are also more likely to be largely fee based. Make sure to read our guides to every site you’re interested in, as we cover the question of whether or not paying is worth it, as well as how to cancel if and when that time comes.

Explanation of premium features on many sites
Scientific questionnaires - Personality matching

These are sets of questions that dating sites will ask you to answer either during registration or later on. Some will be about you, some about your ideal partner, and some about your lifestyle and beliefs. They are used (usually through proprietary, personality matching wizardry) to connect you with other users you might have a spark with.

Match system - Selection of suitable users

On the basis of the input data from the questions mentioned above, the site compares users against each other and thus selects the most suitable candidates for you to connect with. You can also control how partners are selected by criteria if the system is getting things wrong, or you want to add a little spice.

Manual profile approval

Paid dating sites can afford to employ a team of people who not only regularly work on the site and its functionality and design, but also go through new registrations and approve profiles. This is the best way to get only quality users with the same interests on a site, as well as weeding out dodgy profiles or scammers.

Automatic membership renewal

Sites commonly offer automatic membership renewals. This is a common practice to avoid discontinuing the introduction of potential candidates. It is necessary to properly read the terms and conditions when you sign up to a new site - especially a paid one - you are, after all, giving them card details!

Online dating for all ages

In an increasingly online world, many social spaces we once relied on no longer exist. Or if they do, everyone in them is looking at a screen! Online dating is a great solution for people of all ages who want to make new friends, go on a few fun dates or even want something more serious. There are sites from everyone from 18 to 108, and on them you’ll meet age appropriate, like-minded people. Some sites even have real life activity meet ups, and all encourage you to meet people in real life. Age should be no barrier to finding happiness, whether it’s romantic or not!

Is internet dating safe?

It’s sensible to think about safety online, but there’s no need to worry too much if you want to start online dating. Obviously, the anonymity of the internet leads some people to try and run scams or steal personal information, but just a few safety measures will keep you safe. Firstly, stick to sites that have a strong security policy, and for maximum safety if you aren’t super web savvy make sure they verify accounts. Secondly, if something seems too good to be true, get a second opinion from someone you trust who knows more about life online than you do. And finally, crucially, never ever give out personal information online. Stick to these rules, as well as general common sense, and you should be just fine. Happy dating!

What to look for when choosing?
Dating activity - traffic (the pages we select are the most visited)

When selecting, you should pay attention to several parameters that we will now show you. Concentrate on web activity. See how much traffic it has and how many users it has. This information is usually found on the dating site main page. The number of users will tell you what your chances of getting acquainted are. The proportion is that the higher the number, the more likely you will meet a new partner.


Next, look at the focus of the dating site. Certainly it is a waste of time to register for sites that mediate flirt when you long for a serious relationship. Answer if your age is there and if you have any special requirements. In general, most paid sites are more suitable for finding a serious relationship. On the other hand, users who are looking for a flirt or loving affair usually register for free sites. There are also websites that target specific groups, such as gay, homebuyed, or chubby.

Top sites
Top sites
Gay dating sites
Gay dating sites
Lesbian dating sites
Lesbian dating sites
Mature dating
Mature dating
BBW dating
BBW dating
Sex datings
Sex datings
User Reviews and Experiences

Last but not least, find and read the experiences of other users. What do people who have tried the dating site say about dating? How satisfied are they with the features, user experience and number of users? Beware when you don't find any experience on the Internet. If you don't find reviews in different forums or in a blog article, it probably doesn't make sense to sign up for that dating site

Which celebrities tried to find love online?

Even celebrities use dating sites, and many of them aren’t afraid to talk about it publicly. Just like everyone else, celebs get too busy to waste their time hoping they’ll get a dream meet-cute, so they take matters of the heart into their own hands.


Adele let her fans know she was online dating way back in 2011, destroying the stigma for the young people who soon became part of the dating apps generation. Adele is still very open, posting about her current life on Instagram regularly.

Zac Efron

Unfortunately, some people are just too famous to date online. Zac Efron tried online dating after breaking up with an ex, but everyone thought his profile was fake and refused to go out with him. Poor Zac!

What Kind of Site?
It’s important to be sure you’re looking in the right place for your perfect partner, whether you’re looking for love or just fun. Here are some of the most common ways sites can differentiate themselves and their users from generic dating.
By Type of Relationship

Dating sites can be divided into almost endless categories based on the type of relationships they cater to. At the most basic level, some sites are set up to help users find serious relationships, while others are for casual dating, hookups or just online flirting. Paid sites are more likely to be aimed towards serious relationships, and free sites are often more about fun and flitation.

By the Age of Users

English: Some sites are aimed at specific age groups. The most popular of these are sites for senior dating, with age minimums of 40, 50 or 60+. There are also to facilitate relationships with one older, one younger partner. A decent age restricted site will usually be paid. If you are not looking for a partner within a specific age range, then don’t bother with age-specific sites.

By Lifestyle

A lot of lifestyle factors are regularly asked about on dating sites, especially paid, matchmaking sites. Some will ask about hobbies, interests and desires for the future. Others will also ask about your education level and financial status, as well as what you want from a partner in those areas. If matching backgrounds and wealth levels are important, find these sites!

By Location

Pretty much all dating sites allow you to filter users (or matches, if that’s a site feature) by location. But did you know there are also international dating sites designed to help you meet potential dates across Europe or the world? Some are to match women with wealthy foreigners, and others cater to people who travel a lot.

Top sites
Top sites
Gay dating sites
Gay dating sites
Lesbian dating sites
Lesbian dating sites
Mature dating
Mature dating
BBW dating
BBW dating
Sex datings
Sex datings

Metric Elite Singles Be Naughty Illicit Encounters C-Date
Recommendation All ages and genders Best for singles Best for flirt Best for affairs Best for casual dating
Type of Site Serious dating Serious dating Hook ups Married dating Flirting and fun
Scientific Matches Yes Yes No Optional Yes
Moderated Profiles Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Public Profiles Yes Yes No No No
Number of Users 1.3 million 13 Million 200 thousand 1.2 Million 500 thousand
Gender Ratio 45% 55% 45% 55% 60% 40% 45% 55% 52% 48%
Relationship Status of Users Mostly single Single Mostly single Mostly attached or married All kinds
Mobile App Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Customer Support Yes Yes Yes No Yes, email
Membership Plans 1, 3, 6 3, 6, 12 1, 3, 6 1, 1, 2 3, 6, 12
Lowest Cost Subscription £30 £150 £30 £140 £120
Automatic Membership Renewal Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Benefits of Premium Membership + Send messages
+ Instant Messenger
+ See who’s viewed you
+ Email ‘read’ notification
+ Grab a spot in daily matches
+ MatchPhone calls to matches
+ chat without sharing numbers
+ Browse Invisibly
+ Account registration
+ Create a profile
+ Upload and view pictures
+ Send likes
+ Browse on member search
+ Receive daily matches
View profiles
+ Basic Affinity use
+ Best value package
+ Profile
+ Five-factor personality test
+ Suggested matched
+ Quickly browse profiles
+ Unlimited messaging
+ See who views your profile
+ Mobile app
+ ‘Have you met’ feature
+ Profile
+ Profile Picture
+ Messaging for women
+ Search
+ Group messaging and Flirtcast
+ Photo albums
+ Video chat
+ Messaging for everyone
+ ‘Looking for’ dating info unlocked
+ Holiday and
Invisible Mode
+ See when
messages have
been read
+ Profile creation
+ Searching other
+ Send limited
+ View profile
+ Ask Sara
+ Unlimited
+ Best value
+ Profile
+ Matches
+ Receive and send messages and notifications
+ Define yourself erotically
+ Contact suggestions
+ Pictures and galleries
+ Erotic galleries
+ Favourites
+ Contact proposals
User Rating 8.0/10 8.4/10 8.2/10 7.9/10 8.4/10
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