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Victoria Milan
Victoria Milan
Victoria Milan
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Academic Singles
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Collarspace All reviews, opinions and experiences

Eliska Kolarova
Overall rating
900 000+ / 23+

Site usability and features: 7/10

Security: 8/10

Profile information and graphics: 7,3/10

Partner finding potential: 8,8/10

Customer support: 7,5/10

Price: 8/10

Collarspace All reviews, opinions and experiences

Turn a Smile Across a Crowded Room Into Something More

ALooking for something very ‘particular’ when it comes to a date? Finding it difficult to ask on more mainstream dating sites whether your match is a sub or a dom? If they’re into bondage or leather? Well why not start your journey into a community that you never have to worry about mentioning exactly what you’re into. Collarspace is a free to use kink and BDSM dating site, allowing users all over the world to explore their fetishes, and express their deepest desires. Previously known as CollarMe, Collarspace offers a perfect entry point for those new to the world of fetish. It’s free to use, offers comprehensive guides on different fetishes for those still learning the ropes (or chain, or handcuffs) and makes searching easy. The site has been around for sometime, and while that means it has a huge userbase and plenty of history behind it, it also has its disadvantages. Its user interface looks like something you’d find on dial-up, it has a ton of inactive accounts, and a real lack of features compared to most modern dating sites. In modern times it has also run into the problem on fin doms, financial domantrix who take your money but rarely, if ever, want to meet up in real life. Still, for a free site there remains a great community of open minded people, ready to welcome you to a world you’d previously only fantasised about.

Sign Up Can Be Confusing

While the process of signing up is straightforward enough, some of the processes can be quite confusing. There is an approval process that takes between 24 and 48 hours. So, to keep you occupied, once you’ve completed your registration, you’ll be immediately redirected to This is an affiliate of Collarspace, but has nothing to do with the dating site. Honestly, it’s a little irritating, particularly when you’re excited to meet the sub to your domme.

Online Now

While Collarspace has a huge userbase, many of those are from the old days of the site and are now inactive. At first this seems annoying, but there is a simple work around. Simply take a look at the users that are online now and you’ll find users who are still as active, and ready to explore your fantasy with you.

Fakes and Findoms

A word of warning for those new to the BDSM community. A financial dom, or findom for short, is someone who takes the money of those who want to be financially dominated, but rarely meet up in real life. There are many findom accounts on Collarspace, and even if that is your thing it’s hard to tell which of these accounts are legitimate, as the lack of IRL contact makes it very easy to pose behind a fake profile.

Finishing Your Profile

While the profiles as standard are quite sparse, there is room for personalising your profile to say a little more. There’s room for adding 12 different interests, to make your particular kink as clear as possible. But, if you really want to go that extra mile, there’s the option of writing your own blog. Whether that’s chronicling your adventures in the BDSM community, or just your fantasies, it can be a great conversation starter for any potential matches.

Free to View for Anyone.

One of the great benefits of Collarspace is its accessibility. But this can also be a disadvantage. If you’d prefer your particular interests to stay private from some of the people in your life, just remember that anyone can view your profile, including your pictures. You could always consider wearing a mask, if you’re into that.

No Premium Experience

There is no premium version of Collarspace. Its appeal is as the ultimate entry way into the worlds of kink and BDSM. This has its obvious advantages, but the site can sometimes feel sparse with a lack of features, and a fairly dated design.

Collarspace Features


If you’re new to the kink community, Collarspace offers a list of resources that answer some of the more important or awkward questions. Whether it’s the best way to be an ally to the LGBTQI+ community, the particularities of individual fetishes, or a glossary of terms used amongst BDSM as a whole, Collarspace provides guides so you know your findom from your paypig.


Just because you’re looking for someone to suit your kink, doesn’t mean you can’t be shy. Admirers is a great way to make contact without having to think of some witty opening line. Add someone to your admirer list, and they’ll get a notification letting them know just how much you like them. Then, hopefully they’ll be the one to make the first move.


Want to take your first steps from a fetish you’ve explored online to something in the real world? Or just sick of your usual swingers party? Collarspace has a section of events including conventions, markets and pride parades that you’re free to explore. Collarspace is a welcoming community, and these events are just as welcoming.

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Collarspace Pros and Cons


Provides a free and simple entry point for those curious about the worlds of kink and BDSM.
Offers guides on the community for anyone still a little unsure.
Offers a personal blog feature, allowing you to express your fantasy to your heart’s content.


The site has its share of fake accounts and financial doms.
The site is free to search by anyone, meaning even those not willing to go public with their special interests don’t really have a choice
The design is dated, and can be a little unintuative.

Collarspace for users


Collarspace is a free to use site aimed at those with a kink not usually served by most dating sites.
It’s lack of membership fees and guides to the community make it a great first step in exploring some of your more private predelictions
The site is old and this is reflected in the design and the number of inactive accounts, but there are still enough users around to find someone to be the sub to your dom.

Finally, my opinion on Collarspace

Eliska Kolarova

Collarspace feels like the sort of place for people who are just realising a few things about themselves. It’s free to use, meaning that if you don’t enjoy the community you can back away immediately. It holds your hand, providing handy guides that answer any questions you might be too nervous to ask, and makes searching for your specific kink relatively easy. However, the site does have problems. Sign up can be confusing and take a good deal of time, the user interface is painful to use (even for those who like that sort of thing…), and the user base is mainly inactive at this point. There’s also the growing issue of financial doms, and a heavily male user base. But, if you are just starting to dip your toe in these less conventional waters, it can work as a very low risk way to acclimate yourself, meet people in your community, and find out if you want to turn your fantasy into a reality.

Collarspace User experiences and reviews

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Negative reviews (1)
Adele, 32 years old

Been using Collarspace for a period of three months and actually hooked up with several guys in my area. It sure ain't a scam. Will be looking for more, but my needs have been met and then some!

Yes 5 No 2
Giligan, 25 years old

Okay so I thought I was weird, and then I found collar space. Maybe some ppl find it easy but I had an if you want to name it ‘coming out’ about what I want in bed. This site made it easier.

Yes 11 No 5
Will, 28 years old

Have used many better sites to look at, but this one is full of real people and doesn’t cost my whole wallet. It is what it is, and it does the job.

Yes 8 No 10
Tara, 45 years old

I know I have specific interests, and I have to say that collarspace caters to them. I can talk to men near and far, and know they won’t be shocked by my racier wants and needs. It’s a good service, and fills my niche.

Yes 22 No 12

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